Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On the Move...Again

We three Skophammers are moving yet again.  As much as I love Boston, I miss having family nearby.  It has been a struggle the past couple of years balancing trips to the Northern Plains with the desire to go somewhere else.  We have been a couple times to Maine and New Hampshire, but we just couldn't justify time away unless it was with family.  We've had a few visitors, but it is hard to bring large families across the country without breaking spending plans. 

So, Roger changed jobs at the beginning of the year and works from home.  He loves his position and his work.  And, he adores his time with RT!

I am able to keep my job and work virtually.  I am excited because I love this job and Northeastern and CPS. 

We found a house.  It is in Apple Valley.  It is at least three times bigger than where we currently live.  It will likely be pretty empty for awhile.  That's okay.  It leaves room for our home offices.

We lost our Tessa kitty a few weeks ago.  We saved her from a terrible life and gave her four years as the queen of our house.  She was spoiled!  We miss her, though Cookie seems to be settling into the role of the BOSS...she shares that title with RT.

RT will be leaving our beloved East End House Childcare Center.  I'm not sure he'll ever remember being there, but they have done such good work with him, they will always be a part of the boy RT becomes.  I will miss them terribly; he coordinator has become a good friend.

We will enjoy our last month in Boston.  My sister, Nikki, is coming for a visit at the end of the month.  We'll see some new places and try some delicious food.  And a couple weeks later, mid-April, we will say farewell to Jamaica Plain and Boston.  No doubt I will cry a few tears. 

But, I'll be back...and these years in Boston will always be a part of me.  Life is Good!

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