Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baseball, Babies and Blurbs

The World Series arrives in Boston today.  Last fall the Red Sox were the worst team in baseball.  It is so great to see what a year, some heart and beards does for a team.  This past season has been one of many ups and downs.  One of the biggest impacts on the city and the Sox was the Marathon bombings.  That even really brought the city together.  Ortiz's speech and Neil Diamond's in person rendition of Sweet Caroline really brought not only the pain of the city, but also the determination of a tough city to Fenway Park.  I was able to attend a game at Fenway in the cold rain and there was such spirit in the dugout.  I was cold and wet and energized!

Even if I weren't in Boston, I'd still be rooting for the Red Sox.  I can't stand the Cardinals.  I am sure it is a holdover from my dad's dislike of Tony La Russa.  I also can't cheer for a team would hire Mark McGwire.  I can't stand that guy.

So, we will cheer along with RT, who because of the influence of his daycare providers is a huge Red Sox fan.  I think we'll have hotdogs and Cracker Jacks for supper tonight!

I have been on baby watch for a few weeks.  The first one was born yesterday, a baby girl.  Our downstairs neighbors didn't find out the sex of the baby so it was a big surprise and I love that.  There are so few true surprises in life.  I think they thought they were having a boy...I get that.  I was sure RT was going to be a girl, but I was very wrong...and I love that.  There is something special about little boys.  I adore mine!  I have a couple girls entering the world in the next six weeks or so and another friend's daughter who is due in the spring (I kind of hope Crissy has a boy!).  Ah, I love baby watch.  It reminds me of the love of becoming a well as the tiredness and hard work.  I am quite content with RT being my only child.  We have so much more with Elise and the grandkids.  And we can spoil our boy as much as possible!

I started physical therapy for my neck.  I was amazed at how little strength I have right now in my left arm and hand.  I have the exercises and may get traction next week.  I hope it helps.  She will show me things to do in the future to try to stop this from happening again.  Sounds good to me.

I think winter is around the corner in Boston.  It smells like snow today.  It isn't supposed to be cold enough to snow, but...

Life is full and wonderful.  I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful and in the Midwest.  Everything else in life will be resolved one way or another.  Sometimes it is a challenge to remain positive, and it doesn't always happen, but I keep on trying.

So tonight, sing along with RT, "Root, root, root for the RED SOX.  If they don't win its a SHAME.  It's ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you're OUT at the old BALL GAME!!"

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