Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Baby No More

When I look at the top picture in the blog, I see Roger and I and our baby, RT.  However, he is so not a baby anymore.  I can't believe how much he has changed since that was taken (July 3, 2012).  He is so grown up.

I have so many pictures of him, but he seems so serious in most of them.  He can be a serious kid.  He ponders things and likes to see how things work.  But, the thing about RT that brings me the most joy is his laugh!  He has this belly giggle, that comes from nowhere, and it lights up my heart.  I can't help but smile and laugh along.  He loves kisses from his Dadda and Mamma.  He loves to be upside down or rolling around playing.  He loves to try to sit on the kitty cats (they don't love it so much!).  He loves trucks and cooking.  He is a wiz on the iPad.  He is the joy of my life.

And he keeps on growing up.  I am so fortunate to grow along with him.  I love that I have known and loved him since he took his very first breath.  I look at RT and see someone who is part me; that is amazing.  I see glimpses of Roger and I, as well as Elise, Nikki, Mom, Dad and Roger 1.  I see RT's cousins and nephew and nieces.  I see this bundle of a boy that encapsulates so many of the people I love the most.  I am filled with love and joy when I am near my boy.

And, though RT is no longer a baby, he will always be my baby.

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