Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Legend, and Other Loves

I'm on a break at school during Summer Residency for the EdD program.  I'm hanging out in the After Hours which has a Starbuck's.  Aaron Hernandez is on TV pleading not guilty (I'm sure).  But I am able to tune everything out.

And focus on John Legend.  Ooh his sweet voice and fun tunes make me smile.  I have been listening to so much more music lately and I have found many new people I like.  But, sometimes, I just have to pop in some old standards.  John Legend, Dean Martin, the Indigo Girls, others.  I love them. 

Sometimes, I feel like they are old friends.  Sometimes I think they are crushes.  Whatever, it is true love.  In the movie Love Actually, Emma Thompson's character tells her husband that she loves Joni Mitchell (who melted her cold British heart!), and she says something like, "This kind of love never dies."  And, it is so true.  Music comes and goes bu there will always be my musical true loves. 

John Legend has gone from the After Hours and has been replaced by a band I am not familiar with.  I like them, but they won't be my true love...

ps...if anyone is interested, John Legend is playing here on October 22...I would love to go!

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