Friday, July 5, 2013

Sometimes All It Takes Is to Finish

Yesterday Jenn, Jackie and I completed a 4 mile race...Rally for Sally 4 on the 4th in Dedham.  Jenn talked Jackie and I into signing up for the race.  It was the best thing I could have done, for several reasons. 

It was hot and muggy; one of those days where I love to hibernate in the air conditioned living room watching movies (The Harry Potter flicks were on HBO all day yesterday!).  But, I made a commitment and I knew Jenn and Jackie were expecting me at the race.  We rented a Zipcar.  Roger and I packed up and filled water bottles for the three of us.  We had changes of clothes; we had a plan.  For all these reasons, I went.  I didn't want to, but I did.

Jackie and Jenn work with me.  The three of us were nervous and not sure how it would go.  We hydrated and ate bananas.  I helped get Roger and RT settled in the shade.  I knew it would take me over an hour to walk the four miles; I guessed it would take me 90 minutes or so.  Jenn and Jackie wanted to run.  I knew it was way too hot and I started walking from the beginning.  I kept a steady pace the entire way.  People passed me.  Everyone was cheerful.  When I hit the first mile and the water station, it was clear that I was very near the end.  By mile two I knew I was the last person.  I kept going.  Every time I felt negative about being last, I forced myself to smile and usually someone would almost magically appear in their yard with a "good job" and a water sprinkler.  I kept going.  It was great.  By mile three all the negativity was gone and I was just happy to be doing the race.  I continually drank water as I did not want to get dehydrated and feel ill.  Near the end of the race I caught up to a young woman still in high school.  She said she started out hard and just hit a wall and had to walk.  She had water and was keeping a steady pace.  I made sure she was okay before I passed her. 

As I turned the corner and the finish line was in sight, I was so excited to have completed the race.  Roger and RT were near the end cheering me on.  Jenn and Jackie waited for me on the other side of the finish line.  I crossed the line with a big smile and my arms up in the air.  It was the best feeling I've had about myself in a long, long time.

I enjoyed doing something for me.  I accomplished a goal.  I had a great day with some friends.  I did it!  I am still proud of myself.  It was hot; a few people quit.  I finished.

I don't know if I'll ever be a runner.  I will try.  Having that finish behind me encourages me to do more.  We will see, but for now, I feel great!

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