Wednesday, June 12, 2013

42 Years of Lessons Learned

Two days ago, I turned 42.  I feel both old and young.  I think having a two year old running around all the time keeps me feeling young, though tired.

Though, I have learned many, many things in my lifetime.  Here are a random sample.

The playground is the most fun place on earth.
Running is awesome.
I do not have to eat peas if I don't want to (and I never want to!).
We can survive without gluten, dairy and soy in our diet...and we won't waste away to nothing.
Family is important; so are friends.
Telling the truth if it hurts people is not worth it; there is such a thing as too much honesty.
If you love someone, do it has best as you can.
Being a mother is the most rewarding, and most difficult experience of my life.
The past is the past; move forward.
Sometimes it is okay to wallow in sadness, anger or hurt; the wonderful things in our lives won't go   
       away if we don't think of them every minute of every day.
Life is good; life is hard; life is rewarding; life sucks; life is perfect--all these statements are true.
Purging things or people that suffocate you is okay; sometimes you may miss the person or thing, but
       it will be okay without said person/item.
Pedicures are awesome.
Making a snowfort is a fun winter day activity for all ages.
Parents have tough jobs.
You should never buy a shirt in a color you don't really like; you'll never wear it.
I can survive without a new designer handbag, even if I really, really want one.
People will judge everything you do and/or say...everything!
Lemonade is delicious.
The reward from reading a book always outweighs the joy of watching a movie.
Daniel Craig is the best Bond yet.
People have big mouths; if something is a secret, don't tell anyone.
Once you become a mom, you will cry at everything you can (and can't) imagine!
Being smart is the best!

I never, ever get enough sleep.

Happy Birthday to me!

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