Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Year in Massachusetts

I can't believe we have lived in Boston (Jamaica Plain) for a year already.  It has been a wild ride of ups and downs.  I wouldn't change my experiences for anything. 

A year ago, we gave up our car to immerse ourselves in city living.  I can say we have been pretty successful, thanks in part to grocery delivery and Zipcars!  RT loves taking the train on his daily commute, as do Roger and I.  Boston is wonderful for watching people.  Outside my office window is a large fountain with kids from all over the city running through it all summer long.  People bring coolers and blankets and picnic lunches and make a day of running through the fountain.  It is awesome to watch and hear during the day.  Perhaps one day, I'll run through it, too. 

In the past year, we have learned to navigate a complex system of train lines and streets that can make even the seasoned Boston driver/walker go a little bonkers sometimes.  We have learned what things to shop for at Peapod for deliver, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, CVS (a lot more than you would think!), and the corner market (which I love!). I have had fast food one time (Roger has had Taco Bell a few more times than that).  I drove a car once.  I average walking 3 miles a day on a regular day, more if I have to drop off or pick up RT. 

I have learned that I can take care of RT, the home and get to work when Roger is out of town.  I have completed a 4 mile race.  I have started the daunting process of finding friends in Boston (not too easy).  I have started taking classes that I love.  I have learned that in the summer you bring a sweater to wear when inside; in the fall and winter you wear the sweater outside and take it off inside (that didn't take too much figuring out, I guess).

I have found my joy in being a mom.  I loved RT from the beginning, but I now feel that joy of being his Mom!  Some days I miss him so much I ache when I am at work; other days, I smile at the pictures of him and enjoy my break.  RT is most definitely the joy in both Roger and my lives.  I cherish him and his beautiful smile.

There are many things I miss about our life in Fargo, mostly people.  But, I love my life in Boston!

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