Friday, January 25, 2013

It's That Time of Year, Again...

When, as my friend Chad so eloquently stated, “Tax season. Time to see Walmart carts filled with giant tv's and then read sob stories typed out on their iPad about not having money for the next 51 weeks and 5 days.”
Yes it is tax time again.  Roger and I will pull out the file of receipts and tax forms that we’ve collected all year and start to see where we stand.  I have learned from years past to start a tax file at the beginning of the year, putting all the necessary forms into it so we aren’t scrambling for that one receipt this time of year.  We have a lot more papers to mess with this year than years past.  We moved once, RT was in two different child care centers, I went to school for a short time, together Roger and I worked for four different employers, we had medical bills, and we gave lots and lots of stuff to charity, and we have to file taxes in two states as well as the federal one.  It seems like a lot.  Maybe we should go to a tax person this year.  I think after we tackle it this weekend, we will know better. And I will have to start the Taxes 2013 folder this weekend, as we are giving away more of our stuff to charity.  I am not complaining.  I benefit daily because I pay taxes. 
For the past few years, the economy has been tough.  And while it might be nice for us to buy something big with our tax refund, assuming we get a tax refund, this year we will not.  RT needs a few fairly small things, but otherwise, we need to invest any tax refund we have into making the next year more comfortable for us financially.  And somehow, a 50 inch LED TV won’t do that for us…sorry, Roger!


E Wix said...

What? No giant TV?
I went to a friend's house to see Downton Abbey on a TV four times the size of ours and it was wonderful!

Kate and Roger said...

Maybe next year! Our apartment is so small that a TV that big would make me feel like I was in a movie theater...perhaps, I should rethink this tax stuff! I need to watch Downtown Abbey...I have heard it is great!