Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goal #2--Read More Books

Like my first goal of listening to more music (which I have been reaching thus far!), I want to get back to my joy of reading books.

Again, many years ago, I read books all the time.  And I mean all the time!  I recall camping in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan, where I was supposed to be watching the dinner, and instead, I was reading The Elfstones of Shanara by Terry Brooks (thanks Carmen Ness Bush!).  I let the noodles burn and we had to throw away our dented but beloved kettle (sorry Nikki) because I couldn't put the book down.  I think the sun went down and I read by light, though I don't recall the source.  This was before cell phones and electronic readers.  It was a good old paperback book.  A couple days later, in Huntington, New York, I bought the first book in the series from the used bookstore.  On the drive home from New York, I bought the third book in the series.  And, for many years, I read everything by Terry Brooks.

Then it stopped.  I think I quit reading for fun when I started school.  I was an English Literature student and read 17th Century novels (the first novels!) and modernist novels and postmodern novels and short stories.  I read books by women and men.  I read comic books.  I read all sorts of books for school, many, many of which I enjoyed, but lost the drive to read at bedtime for fun.

I recall reading some books here and there, mainly in the summers.  I fondly recall reading The Nanny Diaries at Dawn's house when I was supposed to be watching the dogs.  I was so engrossed, the dogs got out and Mike had to wrangle them back in the yard.  But, there are so few of those memories of reading.

Here I am again, with a toddler who takes up so much of my time and energy.  I just haven't been reading.  It has been so much easier to watch 20 minutes of television and go to bed (usually before 9 p.m.) than to read a book.  I own a Nook and have a few books loaded.  One of which I have started (for the second time).  It is another fantasy book, by Modesitt not Brooks.  I am enjoying it.

I renewed my membership on Goodreads.  It is free, I just had to update my email address.  I took the 2013 Reading Challenge.  I have a goal of 16 books this year...I know, pathetic!  I hope to read more, but that is a little over one a month.  I saw some challenges as low as five, which might be a challenge to some, but I did read eight books last year, so maybe I am selling myself short with only 16.  I'm not counting the books I read for school/work or the books I read with RT (I'd have surpassed that goal by many!).  I am only counting the books I read for my pleasure.  And I hope there are many of those in 2013...and beyond!

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Anonymous said...

Maeve Binchy one more book coming out in February. I'll be getting it. MOM