Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Goal #1 Listen to More Music

I don't make New Year's Resolutions...I don't think I ever have.  But the end of a year, or the beginning of another seems like a good time to think about some life goals.  I've been thinking about long term goals, short term goals and daily goals.  I don't want to share all my goals, some are personal for me.  But one goal I am excited about is to listen to more music.

I have always loved music.  I loved cranking up the tunes in the car when I used to commute.  Even before that, I loved music in high school.  I loved individual songs and albums and videos.  Some of my fondest memories of being a teenager have been around music.  John played "My Guitar Killed Your Mamma" and "Alice's Restaurant" at a time when I didn't think I needed to hear any kind of "new" music.  My dad and I would speculate as to which "old time rocker" would have some new hits, my favorite being Steve Winwood's "Back in the High Life" album.  I loved listening to Cyndi Lauper and Tina Turner with my mom and seeing my sister sing along with Whitney Houston.  I danced in high school to Madonna and Bon Jovi and loved every single dance I attended.  I laughed at Meatloaf and cheered at "The Time Warp" all while drinking in as much music as I could handle. 

But, sometime since teenagehood and today, things changed.  I know television is a major reason.  I began disliking current music (I still can't stand the Backstreet Boys and don't really like Coldplay).  I'm not sure.  I flipped radio stations looking for P!nk or Lenny Kravitz or Sublime or Cake, but was often disappointed.  It never dawned on me to get a cd player for the car.  I just suffered.  Then, I quit listening to music.

When I met Roger over six years ago, we listened to local bands all the time.  We went to every festival that had music and I really listened to the music again.  Roger likes rock and I do too.  Our first date was to see "The Wizard of Oz" set to "The Dark Side of the Moon" (which, by the way, is a totally overrated life event, at least while sober).  But then again, we got busy in our lives and let the music go; at least, I did. 

I have somehow amassed the majority of a dresser full of cds.  I hardly listen to any of them.  A couple years ago, I began loading them onto my iTunes for my iPod.  I am doing that again.  I will be going  through the cds and loading them onto my computer.  I will then be trashing the space-wasting cases and storing them in something else, perhaps a binder, or maybe even a shoebox (which aids in one of my other goals of de-cluttering). 

Today at work, I listened to my iPod.  I found music that I had loaded a long time ago and bopped my head as I answered emails.  I enjoyed it.  I ventured further and found other free sources for music (totally legal sources) and opened my ears to new groups.  I love the Lumineers!  My music life is returning.  Evenings with RT include dancing to 80s tunes or bopping to classic rock.  I see the joy music brings to my son and want that for myself.  And, I do think I will get it.

I hope that all my goals seem as easy as this one, but it is unlikely.  It is easy to work toward goals with Roger and RT.  It makes life all the more joyful! 

Rock on people!

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