Thursday, December 27, 2012

It Was a Fa-la-la-labulous Christmas!

Whew!  We Skophammers had a whirlwind Christmas trip to Minnesota. 

We started with a lovely and uneventful flight to Minneapolis.  Auntie Gwen picked us up from the airport and we hung out all afternoon with Grandpa Skophammer.  It was relaxed and nice.  We stayed with Auntie Trish and Uncle Mike and Cousin Nathan for the few days were were there.  They have a nice new townhouse that was warm, inviting and comfortable.  RT had a great time exploring the steps, the piano and all the breakable decorations around the place.  Luckily, nothing broke!

Saturday morning we headed to the play area in Burnsville Center with Elise, Cassie, Owen and Delaney.  The kids had a fun time playing.  I took Cassie shopping for her Christmas present from Grandpa and I.  She picked out a fun outfit (and got some underwear, too).  The time went quickly, though, and it was RT's naptime.  After napping, we visited with Grandpa and had a fun dinner of delicious steak with Roger's brother and sisters and all the spouses.  It was full of fun and laughter.  We looked through the old picture books.  I laughed at pictures of my husband in high school.  Al (Roger) was actually pretty cute.  RT had his first haircut with Auntie Gwen, too!

Sunday brought Christmas #1.  We headed to Nikki's house for Christmas with the Schmids and the Mains.  It was a fun holiday brunch with good coffee and great food.  We ripped into gifts and made a fun old mess.  It was the best.  RT was able to play with DD and Owen for awhile.  When RT napped, Jon entertained the Main kids in the basement.  They were cold but happy when they were done.  Owen and DD loved all the cookies! I felt that I was spending Christmas with them all.  It was wonderful.

Monday was low key in the morning.  Gwen and I met up with Betsy for pedicures and manicures.  RT took a nice nap.  Grandma and Grandpa stopped by for a couple hours.  Then it was off to the Skopie house for Christmas Eve!  What a party!  It was fun catching up with nieces and nephews.  RT and Grandpa had some nice snuggles.  RT loved playing with his cousins...Josh and he became fast friends!  It was a late night, but lots of fun.

Christmas morning was beautiful.  We drove to Kent, Minnesota to have Christmas day with the Kristiansons.  I could not wait to meet little Kristian!  I was not disappointed.  He is a cutie.  What a snuggler.  I heard him coo and cry and loved every minute of it.  I was so happy for Harvey and Carey...and for Grandma Karen and Grandpa Harvey.  It was also fun to hang out with cousins that I haven't spent Christmas with for many, many years.  It was wonderful.

And then we flew home.  We arrived in Boston just in time for a winter storm.  It is pouring down rain and windy!  I have almost another week off from work.  I have lots to do, but have been posting photos on Facebook and blogging and catching up.  I have time, right?

I hope you all had as joyful a holiday as we did.  New Years is next!

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elizabeth said...

So glad you had a super Christmas!
Photos needed soonest!

Happy New Year