Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmastime Photos

 Loving Kristian, our new cousin!
 Great Auntie Karen and RT
 Mom, her sisters and their husbands at the Kristianson family Christmas (not to be confused with the Griswald Family Christmas)
 RT opening his gift from his Secret Santa (thanks DD!)
 Grandpa Schmid hanging out
 RT and Guinness are ready to get this Christmas started
 A picture of all of Roger and my "kids": Elise and RT, Cassie, Owen and DD...
 Grandma and Owen!
 RT is not sure about this haircut thing
 ...but, loves sitting with his Grandpa Skophammer
 Our little tree
 Grandma Laura's snow women...RT loves these
Our little Christmas goofball!

For you, Aunt Wix, photos.  We had a fabulous holiday.  All together it felt like the Griswald Family Christmas, but each part was wonderful.  RT, Roger and I are very fortunate to have such great families on all sides!

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elizabeth said...

So happy to see all these lovely family photos!
Thank you for posting.
I will email you our Christmas Eve with Bobby and Kristin.
Happy 2013!