Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Changes in our lives have become common.  It seems as though the moment we decide something, we change it.  I like change.  I enjoy the challenges of succeeding at changing.  So, what's going on with us, now?

RT started daycare.  We found the most wonderful facility, with caring people.  The facility has been open for over 100 years!  It is a senior center, daycare, preschool, after-school program.  They have community classes and run a food bank.  The people who work there are amazing.  We see the childcare director, Camille on the train and she is so friendly.  The place is not brand new, but they offer freshly made food, a garden that the children tend, a gym for running around and access to many parks and playgrounds.  RT has already painted autumn leaves and glued acorns. 

Sending RT has not been easy.  Since I don't have a job yet, we have had to tighten our budgets.  I am interviewing and feel a job is coming soon, but for now, money is a bit tight.  Also, I have mostly been home with RT since he was born.  It was very difficult for me to drop him off.  Every morning, he blows me a kiss and runs off to play; I'm dismissed.  I cry a little less each day as I leave the center.  The nice thing is that when I do have a job, I won't have to deal with this part, too.  RT loves playing with the other kids and his teachers.  He comes home exhausted!  I can't wait to hear him climb up the steps each evening.  I open the door, anticipating his big smile as he says, "mommy"!  I am comforted by the staff at the center; I know this is good for him.

And it has been beneficial for me as well.  I am getting the last of the house organized.  I have been cooking from scratch.  I made a delicious sausage and pumpkin soup last night.  I wasn't sure about tonight's menu until the neighbor brought a bunch of tomatoes, so I'm making roasted tomato soup.  I am currently making homemade chicken stock with a frozen chicken carcass.  The house smells so good of onions and garlic and chicken.  Yummy!  I've hung some pictures around the apartment.  It feels so much homier with the artwork on the walls.  I have some more to get done, but feel that I am making some progress.  By the time I do start working, I hope to have the apartment in good shape.  Then Roger and I can work on organizing our days and evenings. 

This Saturday, we are hosting a brunch for a sub-group of the JP Moms group I am am member of.  The group coming is Over 35 First Time Mothers.  I am hoping to find some parents with similar interests as Roger and I.  I am thinking of setting up a beer tasting at a boutique wine/beer shop in town.  I'll talk to them next time I'm in their neighborhood.  I'm making a ham; something I am known for cooking well.  We are making deviled eggs, too.  The other parents are bringing the rest.  I hope it is a fun group, though, I'm pretty sure it will be. 

We still love NOT having a car.  RT loves riding on the train and meeting new friends every day.  Roger loves not navigating in traffic.  I have always hated driving, so it is wonderful to me.  The cats have settled in and are getting fat.  I am thankful for the music stations on DirecTV.  The neighbors are friendly.  We have plans to see an old friend of mine and her family in a couple weeks at a large farm in New Hampshire.  The apples may be gone, but hopefully we'll find some pumpkins!  Roger's sister is visiting in October, too.  Life in Boston is coming together.  I'm sure things will change again soon.  I am eager to see what is next!

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