Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall, or is it still Summer?

We've started the fall cool down in New England.  The pumpkin lattes and breads and ales are popping up everywhere.  Even the leaves are falling and crunching under my feet and the wheels of RT's stroller.  I guess it really is fall.  But then today, it is in the low 80s and sunny and I want to go to the beach!  I'm sure the ocean here is still warm.  And, if I had someone to go with and an idea how to get there, I'd go.

Instead, I will plan to make a roast this weekend to warm the house.  And perhaps, I will make a pumpkin dessert?  Nah...maybe peaches instead.  I'll hold on to as much of summer as I can, for at least a week or so!

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