Friday, August 17, 2012

Growing Up is Hard...on Mommy!

This morning, RT was napping peacefully in the bedroom and I was checking emails and such in the den.  These rooms are on opposite sides of our apartment.  RT was in his Pack N Play.  I looked out the door of the office, and what do I see?  An awake RT walking my way.  Yesterday he learned a new skill, climbing out of the Pack n Play.  I saw him do it yesterday, but usually he falls to his knees and crawls and I can hear that.  He was walking across the apartment, and he does that very quietly.  My first reaction was "oh shit!"  And then I laughed.  He is growing up so quickly.  It seems like since we moved to Boston, he acquires new skills every day.  He is talking more and I can understand some of what he says.  He is obviously walking much more.  He prefers to sleep on beds.  He likes to eat spaghetti, but it must have some sauce on it (talk about a mess!).  He is becoming this fun little kid. 

He is still a toddler though, no doubt.  He cries every time someone rings the doorbell.  And I have to keep my phone on vibrate or a song because if it rings like a phone he cries.  It is still challenging to go places with him because his jog stroller is big and bulky and he gets fussy if he sits in it for too long.

There are times when I think, I can't wait until he's three or six or ten, but the truth is, I love him right now.  I want him to stop growing and developing; of course I really don't want him to stop.  I can't take pictures or videos that do this time in his life justice.  I can't explain clearly what his and my relationship is, how strong and powerful it is. 

There is nothing I have done in my life that equals becoming a mother.  The pregnancy and birth were unbelievably worth every difficulty and sacrifice.  I am so honored that I get to be a part of this little dude's life from start until far, far into adulthood (fingers crossed). 

We have found a wonderful babysitter, Olivia.  RT loves her and she seems to love spending time with him.  She's watched him twice.  Both times, I have been able to relax and do my thing.  I haven't checked in on them either time.  I am proud of myself for finding someone I can trust so much with my most precious little boy.

Tomorrow I get to show him off to an old friend from Virginia.  I can't wait for Jes to meet RT.  They will get along famously, I have no doubt.  And if she gets to see him again, even if it is just in a week, he'll have changed!  My Mom is visiting in September and Roger's sister Gwen is coming in October.  Nikki and both my parents will be here for Thanksgiving.  I wonder how much growing RT will do between all those visits.  I am extremely grateful to have a front seat view!

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