Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Oh, What a Year!

The past year has been incredible.  There have been great things, both positive and challenging.  Somehow, our family has not only survived, but thrived.  We are a happy threesome with a wonderful extended family.  RT brings joy to us every day and every day I am amazed that he is here to stay.  He is the most wonderful thing I've ever done and by far the best gift I've ever received.

I have been so lucky to spend the last year mainly at home with RT.  Being a Stay at Home Mom is a challenge, but it has been tremendously rewarding.

Things have changed since last year.  I am not pursuing a PhD.  It was the wrong program for me and it was the wrong time to start a program at all.  Mom and Dad are moving back to Minot.  They have been able to rebuild their existing home and are ready to return to their life.  Nikki and Jon are happy in their home with their backyard.  Elise has a job and the kids are doing great.  We've gotten to spend some time with Owen, Delaney and Cassie, but it never seems like enough.  Our niece and nephew graduated from college.  Half our family will have been or will be in Washington DC this summer!  We have weddings and babies to celebrate this year.  What more could we want?

My scar from the C-Section remains and that area of my belly is numb.  It kind of sucks.  It has taken a long time to get out of the post-surgery funk.  I have been going to the gym regularly and working with a trainer when I can.  It has helped my self-confidence bunches.  I have yet to lose any pounds, but I'm losing inches and feeling stronger and better every day.  I love pushing RT in the jog stroller and checking out the neighborhood.  I am ready to restart running and find some races to challenge me.  I got some lilacs and will be seeing some peonies later this week.

I turn 41 a week from Sunday.  It is hard to believe I will be firmly in my 40s.  Life is good in my 40s...I won't complain.  I'm even planning my own birthday celebrations!

So on to summer and the next year in the life of the Skophammers.  I wonder what treats and trials the next year will bring?

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Heather Floyd said...

Hi Kate :-) I am glad to see so much good news! Happy that you're getting active, happy that your parents are rebuilding, happy that you have such a great family life. Love to you and Roger and RT.