Thursday, December 8, 2011

...This Time of the Year...

I love this time of year! I have been a big holiday fan since I was little and I don't think it has even diminished a little bit. I am even more excited to be sharing the holidays with RT!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving at the Skophammer home. It was fun to eat and eat and eat...and play a bit with the nephews. I love seeing my nieces and nephews, but I especially enjoy hanging out with all the kids. I have seen them grow up so much in the last five years.

We returned home and put up our tree. It is a large tree, but it looks a little pathetic. Most of my ornaments are fragile, so there are still in the tote. I have put up everything that is not breakable or that doesn't hold a special place for me. RT has an ornament from Great Aunt Darlene on the tree. It's just so cute!

RT had his first visit with Santa. Grandma Cheryl took an afternoon off and we spent it at the mall. We didn't have to wait too long and RT just laughed and laughed. He really is such a joy.

We have many, many more plans for the season. Auntie Nikki and Uncle Jon will be staying with us for Christmas and it will be a Schmid holiday this year. Midnight is just a bit too late for RT at the Skophammer Christmas. Next year RT will spend it playing with all his cousins.

I am wrapped up in finals, but am finding time for some fun here and there. Nikki is coming to spend the weekend with me while Roger is in Virginia. I have some fun crafts planned to do with Nikki, and hopefully, we'll get to see our cousin Harvey!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season...I know we are!

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