Sunday, December 11, 2011

Babies, Kids and more Babies

I love seeing pictures of Facebook of kids and babies. There seems to be an abundance of babies, either on the way or already born. It is amazing to me how many of my Facebook friends are pregnant or have just had babies. Some of them are young; some are my age and older. Some are adopted; some are unplanned. All of them are welcome and loved, already.

My first cousin's daughter is due in a few weeks. She was the first baby I remember spending time with. I was young and totally obsessed with her soft spot on her head. Almost every time I feel RT's soft spot, I think of Amanda. My first cousin's wife is pregnant with baby number two. I met her this summer, and their son, and am so excited for their family. I happily welcome the increase in size in my family.

My freshman roommate in college just had a baby girl in October. Quite a few of my friends from high school are or are becoming parents. Most of them have children already, but a few are like me and just having their first child. A couple that have been together since high school just adopted a baby (so cute!). I find that admirable and amazing.

I have been missing the kids who have been important in my life. I miss Jack's smile and hugs and exceptional intelligence. I miss Josh's kindness and zeal for history. I miss Cassie's stories. I miss my nephews. I love kids and miss being around them more often.

I look forward to all these babies growing into kids and playing together, well some of them anyway. What an exciting time to be a mom!

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