Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Blog-6 Months

Yesterday, I turned six months old...already. It has been a quick six months. We have had a lot go on in our little family, but we are happy.

I am now rolling and scooting around all over the place. I saw Mom and Dad looking at baby gates for me. I don't think they'll stop me from getting to where I want. I love to play with bright colored toys and will travel across the living room floor for the right toy. My favorites change from day to day. I do love my butterfly, though.

I really, really want to walk and run around. I feel like I almost can, but then I try to launch out of Mom or Dad's arms and I just don't get anywhere. I wonder if it would work if they would let me go? I love the calculator, the cell phone and the remote controls. I try to eat them and they get taken away...darn.

I love Dad's Ipod 2. We play games and sing songs. I can make the stuff on the screen big or small. It is my favorite activity, when I get the chance to play with it. I've heard Mom and Dad say I'll get my own soon enough, like when I'm 15 months or so. It's not soon enough, parents!

I love my kitties! Cookie and Tessa make me smile and giggle. I try to pet them and end up pulling out a chunk of fur. They usually run away after that. Sorry, I'm still learning.

I love all kinds of people. I went to Virginia and met Avi, Dawn, Josh, Jennie, Pete, Jack, Mike, Fran, Jim, and a whole bunch more people. Of course they all love me! I am such a good flyer. I love the airplane. I wish I could travel like that in Dad's arms all the time instead of sitting backwards in the back seat of the car. One day, I'll face forward (Mom says when I weigh 40 pounds or am 2 years old). I just can't wait.

I've been to many states already, including Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, New York and Virginia. I hear we are driving to Virginia for Dawn's wedding in the summer, which means even more states. Maybe my niece, Cassie, can come with me so I am not so lonely in the backseat and Mom can sit by Dad. We will be going to the beach!

I will be starting swimming lessons after something called Christmas. I already like Christmas because of all the red things. I liked Halloween, too, because of the orange stuff. I will be headed to Minnesota for Thanksgiving to see all my cousins. I love having cousins.

Well, I better get ready. Auntie Nikki is coming for the night and Great Auntie Karen and Uncle Harvey are coming for potato dumplings. I hope my cousin Harvey comes too. I haven't seen him for six whole months!

Later peeps.

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