Thursday, August 11, 2011

Things I Love

Talking to a friend on the phone; especially one that I haven't talked to for a long time.

Driving with the windows down when the temperature is just right and sun is shining.

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream.

Pedicures with glittery polish.

Purring cats.

My sister's cooking.

Watching movies or TV with Roger on a couch.

When RT tries to kiss me on the mouth.

My beautiful and loving grandkids.

Quiet time in the morning.

When something that has been weighing on me gets resolved.


Telling and hearing old family stories, even if they've been told hundreds of times before.

Realizing I am a strong woman, a good woman.

The smell of rain in the late summer.


The crunch of leaves under foot in late autumn.

The crackle of a campfire.

Knowing that I am always loved.

Loving people unconditionally.

Fresh baked bread, especially Mom's Hungarian Fennel Bread.

Warm toes.

Watching "Beverly Hills 90210" reruns when nobody is home.

Bond, James Bond (as if you couldn't guess).

Peace and understanding, on both the large and small scale in life.

When Roger cooks dinner-like tonight...and it's done!

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