Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes Practically Perfect is Hard!

I love my life. I believe it is practically perfect. I have a wonderful loving husband. A beautiful and funny son. Two cats who constantly show unconditional love. An extended family that I have great relationships with. And I always feel extremely loved. My life is great!

But, sometimes, challenges arise that make this great life tough. Today, RT failed the hearing test in his left ear for the third time. He saw an ENT doctor, who said his ear looks perfect and healthy. What does that mean? He didn't really know. We are scheduled for another test; a longer hearing test. I spoke with the audiologist about having it without sedation. I am against general anesthesia unless it is the only way. The dangers of death scare me. The audiologist said we could schedule it to be done without sedation. We scheduled with the receptionist and I got attitude for not wanting sedation. She made me feel dumb, when in fact, I am quite educated and will research this myself. So, the bad news of his lack of hearing is compounded by the attitude at the check-out desk.

Some days there just seems like so much on my plate. I'm dealing with some anger and hurt feelings and a messy house and a lack of sleep and uncertainty of my future. It is overwhelming, to say the least.

Every day I am thankful for the true friends and great family I have in my life. I surround myself with those that are loyal and true and a positive influence on my life. I enjoy their love and support.

So, while I really wanted a margarita at 10:30 this morning and spent a few minutes crying at the kitchen sink at 11:30, I feel good about my life. It is going in the right direction, with good people in the mix. RT may have hearing issues, but his right ear is perfect and he is developing normally for speech and growth. Roger has a good job that he loves. I have a new challenge that allows me time at home with my lovely son. I'll take the challenges and difficult times and work through them, because my great life is worth it!

PS-There is an air show here this weekend and I just hear the Navy jets doing flybys...I've missed that sound!

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