Monday, August 8, 2011


Usually I am pretty positive on this blog, but today several things have irritated me, so I thought I'd vent a little.

Just because I bought some damn stupid thing from the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers years ago, for people I am no longer friends with, does not mean I want emails from the teams every week! I'm sick of it. I hate the Cowboys (3rd hatest team ever!) and the Steelers lost to the Packers last year (dammit). I don't want the stupid emails, but the steps to take to remove myself from their mailing list are too many and I just don't want to deal with it. I think every time I see them I feel that irritation of poor friendships in the past.

The weather has been driving me insane! I moved back to North Dakota to get out of Virginia humidity and heat. This year, however, I have been hot and sticky most of the summer. We went from winter to summer in like two days. It is miserable to be hot and NOT have a beach with an ocean to cool off in.

I am sick of packing and unpacking and am actually getting nowhere. I have learned to cook without certain items, because I haven't found them yet. I've just packed three large totes in my office and need to bring them home to put somewhere (probably the garage for awhile). I would like the unpacking genie to get it all done for me...and just the way I want it.

I wish I could understand exactly what RT wants all the time. I can't. I'm learning, but it gets frustrating when he cries and I'm not sure why. I try everything. I think mostly it is because he is overly tired, but he keeps himself awake...he doesn't want to miss out on anything.

I need to start running and training for the 10k or 10ks I have to run in October. I've signed up for one in Virginia and am still contemplating the one during the Twin Cities Marathon. However, I am not sleeping well, so it is difficult to get out and run. I need to do it or I won't be doing any 10ks.

I need new clothes and I hate shopping. I guess I'll bite the bullet and do it one of these weekends. Yuck! The last thing I want to do is shop on the weekend. Maybe when Roger stays home with RT one day a week, I can go shopping. We'll have to see!

Okay...nice to get some things off my chest! Thanks for listening (reading).


Brook said...

What 10K will you be running in VA, by the way?

That's frustrating to not know what is wrong w/RT sometimes :( I hope you start sleeping better.

Kate and Roger said...

Brook. I'm running the Wicked 10K with my good friend Dawn the last weekend in October in Virginia Beach! I am excited.