Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ah, Iowa; We Meet Again

Roger, RT and I just returned from Coon Rapids, Iowa for the Skophammer Family Reunion. We stayed in a farm house, on a farm. We woke to cows mooing (and we think they were in heat!). It was quite interesting.

I lived in Waterloo, Iowa for a year, and it wasn't one of my best years. I didn't really like living in Iowa. I still don't think I'd like to live there. But, this was a nice reunion. The flower gardens were gorgeous. We drove surrounded by corn field for miles and miles. It was a simple yet chaotic weekend with the 30 of Roger Skophammer's family in the house. We definitely had the largest family at the reunion. I think Roger 1 was proud!

It is nice to be home. And, we get to be home for 3 weeks before we are off to New York City with the Schmid family. RT is already becoming a seasoned traveler. He's sleeping next to me now and I just love him...

So, Iowa...I had your Party Dip, I saw your corn, I felt the humidity...I'm done with you!

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