Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goodbye, Olga

My last grandparent passed away last week. Olga married my Grandpa Kristianson when I was in high school. She kept him happy, young, and alive. I loved Olga as a grandmother. I called her My Olga. She made cardamon buns for me every time I visited. She also made the best meatballs, ever!

We are headed to her funeral tomorrow to say goodbye. It is a sad time for me. My Grandma Schmid died two weeks ago, and now Olga. It has been an emotional couple of weeks for me. I had hoped to bring RT to meet Olga, but it did not work out.

It will be nice to see Olga's family. I haven't seen any of them since my grandpa's funeral. They will get to meet RT. Several of my cousins will be there as well.

Olga was a wonderful addition to our family and I will miss her very much...

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