Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ribfest and a New Crib

After spending a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon at Ribfest, Roger, RT and I headed to Target to purchase a new crib for RT. It is dark brown and looks good. RT doesn't like to sleep in his bassinet very much and we are hoping that a crib with an incline will help.

RT had a great time at Ribfest. He took in the sights, the smells and the sounds. He even ended up with barbecue sauce on his tummy, somehow. He was quite popular with several members of the crowd...he is the cutest!

We had a surprise run-in with Roger's boss at Target and ended up at Lone Star with Jim, Natalie and Sophie. We had a nice time.

When we finally got home, I was exhausted...and so was RT.

So, today, RT's crib was put together. The bedroom was rearranged yet again and we still have a mess of an apartment to clean up. But, we keep getting closer...ah, who am I kidding, we will always have some degree of mess in the apartment and I love it! It is part of the joy of parenthood.

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