Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 5

I'm at Grandma and Grandpa Schmid's house again. There is still very little furniture here. Great Auntie Karen and Uncle Harvey are staying here with Mom, Dad and me. We had some loud conversation a couple hours ago. It wore me out. I've had a nap with Papa while Mom has been reading a book and enjoying the porch and patio. The others went to a family service for Great-Grandma Olga. I wish I could have met her, but I'll get to meet some of her family tomorrow...and some of Mom's cousins, too.

I'm growing and growing. Newborn clothes are mostly too small. I've got some really cute stuff in the give away bag for some other small newborn. Mom and Papa are trying to organize the apartment, but only seem to make it more messy. I don't care. I get picked up when I cry. They feed me well and I am doing well on my new soy food. I hope I get tolerant of lactose someday; I really want to try ice cream!

I'm getting used to longer rides in the car. I usually zonk out, but that's okay. We went to Fargo a few days ago for Ribfest to celebrate Mom's 40th birthday (wow, she's getting old already!). I loved the festival. I loved looking around at everything. I kind of got overtired, but a night or two of better sleep and I'm all caught up.

I allow my parents to sleep about 3 hours at a time at night (I'm generous). I think they'd like a little bit more, but I get so hungry. I also still wet my clothes sometimes and who would ever want to hang out in soggy clothes?

The furry friends get closer and closer to me when I'm sitting with Mom. I like to run my toes through their soft fur. I already like kitties. They just better stay out of my crib!

Whew...I better hit the bed, again. I have a long day tomorrow with the funeral and being passed from person to person and then the long drive home (Mom says that's a run-on bad, Mom!). Goodnight my followers.

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