Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 6

I'm six weeks old today. I have had to learn some hard life lessons in the past week. Last night I tried hard to console Mommy as she cried for a long time. I smiled at her and she was immediately doing much, much better! She said it is all just too much!

Grandma and Grandpa are out of their home in Minot...there is nothing there. I wonder if I'll ever go back there? Not for a long time. They can come and visit me, soon, though! Mom has been looking at maps the make Minot look like a big lake. It is so hard to just wait for this flood to happen. I hope it is over with soon!

Papa's family has been struggling some, too. Last week, my Great Uncle Bill fractured his hip. My cousin Mary said he'll be okay. I think he went home from the hospital and is in therapy already! Yesterday, Mommy found out that Auntie Marlene had a stroke. Mommy called Auntie Gwen to let Grandpa know and find out more of what happened. I'm not sure it sounds too good. I know many of my cousins love Auntie Marlene and I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Mommy and Papa keep talking about moving and our future. I'm not sure what's going on, but hope it is figured out very soon. I'm along for the ride, anyway.

Cookie and Tessa like to sit close enough for me to touch them with my hands or my feet. They are funny.

Last weekend we Rallied in the Valley, which included a parade, food vendors and lots of people. It was fun! Then we headed to Fargo to meet Shelly and Gabriel. I love them!

Mom says her friend Sami is coming tomorrow. I love meeting new people. I wish I could help clean the apartment, but Mom doesn't think Sam will care if we have a mess or not.

I keep getting presents...oh, how I love presents. I have so many great outfits to wear for the next year or so. Mommy and Papa tell me that I won't always get so many presents--darn!

I'm sleepy, now! Later peeps!

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