Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Major Life Change

Lately, our family has been dealing with several major sad events. However, Roger, RT and I have wonderful news. We are making a major change in our lives!

I have resigned from my job, effective August 12. I will become a stay-at-home mom. I cannot wait! The more we discussed daycare and budgets, the more Roger and I both wanted to keep RT at home. The daycare we were going to use is wonderful and RT would have been happy there, but I really want this wonderful opportunity to stay home. I don't want to miss a minute of RT's growing up. I'm just bursting with joy at this prospect of staying home.

Speaking of home, that is changing, too. Roger and I signed a lease on a townhome in West Fargo. It is like moving to the suburbs. The two-story townhouse is 10 years old and white and new. There is so much closet space in there! There are two bedrooms and a loft den upstairs...and two, yes, two bathrooms, and one of the bathrooms has a washer and dryer!! Downstairs is a kitchen with a dishwasher and another half bathroom. There is a lot of space. We also have a two car garage. I will miss the character, some, but I can't wait for the appliances!!!

We are waiting on a move date, but August 1st is the latest. Money will be tighter, but we can manage. I will miss the student contact and the walk to work, but I eagerly await the walking we'll do on the wonderful paths in West Fargo. I'll be closer to so many friends and family. It is just all coming together for our family!

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Tenacious V said...

Congrats on all the exciting changes! I really miss teaching (not to be confused with grading!), but we had the same issue--it would've actually COST us money for me to teach. Ah, the life of an adjunct!

RT is such a cutie--love reading about him and hearing how things are going for you guys out there.