Friday, June 17, 2011

It's the Journey that Matters

"You should strive to find happiness every day and not believe that it comes at the end of the journey." Bill Clinton addressing NY Grads.

Jes had this quote as her status on Facebook last week and it really resonated with me. I have been thinking about it ever since. It is not often that a quote sticks with me very long, but this one did.

There were so many times in my life that I thought about making it through something because the end result would make me happy. That thinking never worked for me. I missed out on joy because I stayed in crappy situations thinking things would magically get better and I'd find happiness. I have learned that there must be fun and joy and laughter every day. Yes, I work toward goals and have things I strive for, but I find happiness every day.

Even yesterday when we attended Olga's funeral. During the service, I'd been crying the whole time, a trio with guitars sang, "That Old Country Church" and all I could think about was "A Prairie Home Companion" and I had to hold in my giggles. The song was lovely and moving and suited the occasion, and, it made me smile. On the way home, RT made some really strange fussy noises and Roger and I just laughed. It felt so good to laugh.

Another statement I read last week has stuck with me, too. Brooke Burke, whom I don't really like and have no idea why she is famous, was interviewed by People. She said that she doesn't understand the notion that we must find balance in our life, balance of parenthood, work and fun. She basically said it was impossible to achieve balance, so why strive for it. I loved it. Right now, and probably for the next several years, RT takes most of my mental and physical energy. He has a much bigger portion of my time and energy than anything else. I don't neglect my work or my husband, or even Facebook and this Blog, but I don't even think about finding balance. And it is freeing! There is no need to seek balance; especially when you love your life. And I do...I love my life.

I've been 40 for a week and it is truly the very best time in my life. The number is higher than I maybe would like, but I've lived a lot in those 40 years. I've traveled, learned, and loved. My life is by no means over; in fact, in many important ways, it is just beginning. And I eagerly live each day, realizing the joy in my life, striving to reach goals and loving family and friends. And, of course, cheering for the Twins, even if they do stink!

While goals are important, there is no question to me that the journey is what matters, and I intend to enjoy that journey as often as I can.

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