Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 3

I'm 3 weeks old today! Wow, have I changed. I've gained some chub on my chin and my legs and arms are filling out. I'm eating 3 ounces every 3 hours or so. I'm growing like crazy. I love to look at my parents faces and study them. I make faces...I smile some. I'm trying to giggle, talk and coo, but it kind of comes out as grunts. Mom and Dad think they are cute. Evidently I and everything I do is cute!

Mom calls me Sweetness...she tells me that some guy named Walter Payton was called that, so I guess it is okay. I get inundated with kisses all the time.

I took my first road trip to Bloomington, Minnesota. I got to meet my Grandpa Skophammer and a whole bunch of cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a nice ride...I slept most of the way. We stopped for eating and burping.

Yesterday was a strange day. I had lunch at Pizza Hut with Mom and Jodi. I slept most of the time. It was WINDY outside, so no walk around the block or to the store (today maybe). Then Mom heard that Grandpa and Grandma had to evacuate because of the the flood. Mom cried and was worried. It was hard for us to be in Valley City and not be able to help Grandma and Grandpa. Then, as if the day wasn't bad enough, Dad called and his car died on the way home from Bismarck. He got it to the junkyard, but Mom and I had to drive to some place called Dawson, North Dakota to pick Dad up on the side of the road. And he smelled bad, because evidently the only place open in Dawson was a bar and it was smoky! Thankfully, the shower took care of him.

We had some family time at home before bedtime and the three of us snuggled on the couch. All ended well.

We are all happy in our house. Cookie and Tessa seem to be okay with me. The like to look at me and sometimes lick my head. Mom still worries that they will want to snuggle with me, but so far they keep their distance.

I've been told I'm a good traveler...and that is good because Mom and Dad plan to travel me lots and lots! Thankfully, I love new and different people.

I'm hoping that Grandma and Grandpa's house is safe and dry. I can't wait to visit them in a few weeks.

It's been a trip, these first 3 weeks. Can't wait for more!

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