Monday, May 30, 2011

Road Trip!!

We took RT on his first Road Trip! RT's Grandpa Skophammer and aunts were going to visit us, but there was a change in plans. We wanted RT to meet his Grandpa and decided a quick trip to the Twin Cities was in order. We got up early yesterday, packed everything up and hopped in the car. We had a great drive to Bloomington. We unloaded at the Skopies and fed RT before heading to a family barbecue at Maggie and Justin's. RT was passed from aunt to aunt and cousin to cousin. His sister showed up a little later and they got some quality time with RT as well. Roger and I left the party to check out Gwen's new house...RT had his first babysitter, his sister, and I survived leaving him for 30 minutes!

We hung out with Auntie Dawn, Uncle Pete and cousins Luke and Ethan, as well as Grandpa last night before working on a good night's sleep for all of us. We woke after 8 a.m. (with only a couple times before that) and fed RT, packed up and headed home. The last 30 miles were the toughest today. We got home, RT ate and we all took a nap.

All in all, it was a good first road trip. We plan on lots of them so hopefully, RT likes them! He was sure popular and is enjoying being spoiled rotten!

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