Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sleep Deprivation and Is That a Smile?

Ah, sleep...oh, how I miss you. I'm starting to adjust to sleeping only a couple hours at a time. I can sleep through almost any noise and with all the lights on. It is amazing how little sleep I really need to function.

Of course, with lack of sleep comes lack of productivity. I am supposed to rest to heal from the C-Section, and find that it is getting BORING to watch TV and surf the net. I want to do things, but whenever I try, my abdomen gets extremely sore and I get really tired. It is a pain to heal from major surgery and take care of a newborn baby at the same time. I'm doing it...with lots of help from Roger and family and friends. It has been great to have so much support, both physical and emotional, from such good people. Thank you friends and family. I feel your support and generosity.

I think I saw RT smile at me. I know it is early and it may have been gas, but I believe he smiled. He reacts so positively to my voice and touch. I love to watch him stare at me, trying to figure it all out.

Oh, and my kitties have been wonderful. They are adjusting to the change in the house very well. I'm so proud of them.

This is a family full of love. We are all so in love with RT...he will never feel unloved!

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