Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby Blog-Week 2

I am two weeks old today! There are so many changes happening to me. I recognize my Mama and Papa's voices. I love them. I am trying so hard to coo and talk to them. I'm sure I'll figure it out soon. I love to stay awake and look around at everything. I love to see shadows on the ceiling. I also like to sit in the Boppy pillow next to Mom while she watches TV and heals from her surgery. I recognize some of these voices...and the Du-Dun sound from Law & Order. I've been watching a lot of baseball and even though I wear my Twins hat, the Twins continue to struggle.

I am eating a lot more. Mom is keeping up so far with the milk, but I might pass her by soon. I don't really like to burp, but I'm learning it is necessary for my tummy. I sleep a couple hours at a time. I love to sleep on Mom or Dad's is so warm and comforting. I sleep anywhere that I can!

I still pee my clothes a few times, especially at night. I hate getting changed. I don't like the cold wipes on my butt and other parts. I hate putting clothes over my head and into my arms. I'm getting better. I hate having wet clothes, so I know it must be done, but that is one of the few times I really cry and fuss.

I am a good baby; at least that's what Mom and Dad say. They can't get enough of me! I had visitors again last weekend, Auntie Nikki, Grandma, Grandpa, Talaya and Temeka. It was a lot of fun. I peed on Auntie Nikki and Mama laughed! I like having visitors.

My umbilical cord fell off so I get a real bath tonight. I doubt I'll like that either! I hate getting cold!

That's week 2...wonder what my 3rd week will bring...

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