Saturday, April 16, 2011

Grading, Cleaning, Arranging and Worrying...What a Weekend!

While I've been catching up on grading (and hopefully getting a bit ahead with some rubrics), Roger has been diligently cleaning and arranging the apartment. We have a bunch of crap from the basement sitting in our entry area, but hopefully, they'll be back downstairs in a couple weeks (fingers crossed!).

Each time we think we have this apartment perfectly arranged for the baby's arrival, we run into a problem. Today, we don't have room for the bassinet in our bedroom. We have room, but we need to figure it all out. So, right now, Roger is putting together the play area/bassinet, again. I'd like to leave it up, but the cats think it is quite comfy and we'd like the cats not to sleep in the baby's bed. Ah, love the cats!

And then there's the flood. We've had bulldozers that feel like tanks drive by. Our roads will be chewed up this spring. The dikes and levees are 3 feet higher than a couple days ago. And, we'll have to move the rest up from the basement...or Roger will!

The apartment is nice and clean, thanks to a wonderful husband. He is the best. And we'll have the furniture arrangement solved before the baby is born. And, my grades will be caught up and ready before the baby's born. And, the worrying...I doubt it will EVER end for me, but perhaps before the baby's born, the flood threat will be gone.


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