Friday, April 8, 2011

Flooding, Politics and Nausea

We are in full flood prevention mode here in Valley City. Classes were canceled yesterday so students, faculty and staff could help around town. Roger helped sandbag, and they fulfilled their 150,000 order around noontime yesterday. The rest of the day, as well as today and this weekend, sends people building the dikes with dirt or sandbags. They look ready...we shall see.

I'm fed up with politics. I'm sick of both sides using their time to fight and call each other names. Why not work to get something done! I'm just sick of all of it...both sides. Ugh!

I've been battling nausea again. I think the baby sits on organs that cause me to feel ill. I hope the baby moves soon and I can feel good again. I am tired all the is a lot of work to grow this baby! I am excited for his or her arrival. I only hope it happens after all the flooding!

I'm happy it is Friday...the weekend at home should be good. We'll be using our new Dyson canister vacuum to clean--love that thing!

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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