Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baseball, Concerts, Festivals and Capri Pants--Spring Fever!

I'm finally feeling that spring fever! The sun is shining, my window is open and I'm making plans! I admit the sound of trucks moving clay onto the dikes and the sight of the National Guard around town puts a slight damper on my enthusiasm, but, I think we are ready for the water (or will be!).

Roger and I are looking at Twins games for the summer. We can't wait to start taking the baby to the games! This baby will grow up with baseball ingrained into his or her summertime memories! We love the Target Field. We'll also be catching some VCSU baseball games (perhaps one tomorrow), too. And the Fargo Redhawks...any baseball is good for us. VCSU has a women's softball team, too...we need to catch some of their games.

As for concerts, well, I'm taking Elise to Def Leppard at the Minnesota State Fair. Yes, that Def Leppard, 80's hair band, armless drummer...I've seen them once and can't wait to see them again. I love spending time with Elise and hope we will have a fun evening. It will be my first trip to the Minnesota State Fair. I am still thinking about Sade and U2, but they could be a little spendy and mean extra trips to the cities, which are for sure spendy. There are many evening concerts and movies all around the Twin Cities; we can catch some of those during our already scheduled trips.

I am hoping to get to some festivals during our trips, as well as some that are closer to home. I've been wanting to catch the Fringe Festival in the Twin Cities since I've met Roger, and it looks like this year will be my first! The festival is before and after the Skophammer Stayin Alive Family Reunion in Iowa, so it works out perfectly. I can't wait to see some of the not so mainstream shows that will be produced. I'm also looking forward to the Loring, Uptown and another art festival, with free shuttle service to the others. I love art festivals. I think the Blues Festival in Fargo is during the family reunion, so we probably won't make it this year. But, we are thinking about the Winnipeg Folk Festival and there's always arts and crafts festivals around this part of North Dakota.

I almost wore my capri pants today. If my toenail polish wasn't chipped, I would have. I will be wearing them later this week, especially if this sun and warm weather continues!

I have spring fever. I can't wait to get out and enjoy the world! And with the addition of our child, we will find plenty of opportunities for family fun! Ah....springtime...

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