Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The BEACH!!!!

Oh, how I miss the beach! I went off and on for the first few years I lived in Virginia, but after meeting Roger, the beach became a weekly (if not more often) event! We would visit the beach in the winter...all bundled up to watch and listen to the waves. I loved it! But, the best-the BEST-was our weekly visits during the summer to the 45th street entrance to the beach. We'd organize and carry all our stuff to the beach, stake out our spot and play in the water, or read, or nap, or picnic. I would get needed Vitamin D, and sometimes a not-so-necessary sunburn. Roger would boogie board all day, if possible. Our best days included a nap after we got home and a Tides baseball game in the evening. Those ice cold beers made the days all the more special. (Beers after we returned home as they are not legal on the beach!)

My good friend, Tiffany, who lives in Augusta, Georgia, mentioned the beach yesterday. She may be headed there this weekend (fingers crossed). I remember a particularly HOT day at the Army base beach in Virginia with Tiffany. We laughed as we chased down the umbrella we borrowed from my boss, Dawn. We had alcohol on the beach (legal there)...not-so-tasty daiquiris. That day was awesome! We saw a submarine on maneuvers, a large helicopter buzzing the beach, navy jets and Navy Seals in training. I will never forget that one day on the beach...with Tiffany.

So here I am in Valley City, where the Sheyenne River is rising and there are clay and mud and sandbag dikes all over town. Most of the bridges are closed and travel around town is difficult. I'm sneezing because of all the dirt in the air. I am hoping that we don't have to evacuate town. And, most importantly today, I'm dreaming of the Atlantic Ocean...and a day at the beach...


Nikki said...

I remember when I went to the beach and Grandpa said hi.

Kate and Roger said...

And your pants were wet the rest of the day, right? Love that!