Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting Even More Ready

We took a big step yesterday in preparing for the baby's arrival. We hired our doula, Jill. I'm extremely happy that we have her on our team. We also toured the Birth Center at Sanford. Everyone was easygoing and it was nice to see where we'll be sometime in the next nine weeks. It was a quick tour, but it was nice to see that each birth room is private and has a jacuzzi. I feel a bit more comfortable about it all. We left the hospital feeling good about the upcoming birth.

We still aren't quite ready at home. We have a place for the baby to sleep. We some clothes and a few diapers. I plan to breastfeed, so we have the baby's food. I'd really like to get the glider chair and a breastpump before the birth, but we can get those soon after, I'm sure. I have a couple baby showers coming up, so hopefully, I will get what I need.

Roger's been moving everything up from the basement storage unit. Our second bedroom looks like some messy closet. I'm still hoping that the flooding is not as bad as predicted, but we will be as prepared as possible.

I need to get a lot of work done to prepare. I need to make sure I have my lesson plans completed for the rest of the semester as soon as possible. I need to keep up to date on grading. That is tough, too. I have lots to do!

I have a master to-do list that keeps growing. Ugh!

At least I start aquasize on Monday. I'm looking forward to being in the pool and doing some exercises. It will feel good on my body.

Tonight, we'll be watching The Godfather and eating eggplant lasagna. I can't wait to snuggle up with Roger and the cats and enjoy a classic. I can work on getting more ready...tomorrow!

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