Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thoughts...Running All Over the Place

It seems I lack focus these days. I find it difficult to make decisions; the difficult ones, such as what to eat for breakfast (I only have two choices, yogurt with nuts or toast with peanut butter). As I think about what to choose for breakfast, I am quickly distracted by thoughts such as, "I wish I could drink orange juice in the morning" to "What if the baby comes early?" to "Oh there's my Cookie monster (the cat)." That type of thinking follows me all day long.

Here are some of the things that have crossed my mind today:

Who would ever schedule a conference in Minnesota in March? This weather is crappy.

I have not bought anything myself for the baby. Today is the day.

The Mall of America, while one of my favorite places to go, is one of Roger's least favorite places to go.

I love my new blue hoodie from Target. I wish I got the pants. I could walk down to Target in downtown Minneapolis and pick some up.

Ooh, these kids clothes are so cute. Owen wants me to buy a $40 dress for DD and some other stuff for Cassie, but wants the train for himself. I can't buy things for them everytime I see them, can I?

I love all the girl and boy clothes for the newborns. I wish there were more cute selections that were gender neutral. Oh, I like this one...bought my first thing for baby. Two onesies and a pair of pants with a teddy bear on the butt. Gray.

What to have for lunch? With so many choices, I have no idea. Oh, I've always wanted to try Pita Pit. Yummy, gyros...

What if the Braxton Hicks turn to regular contractions and I have the baby 9 weeks early in Minneapolis? How would my mom get here? I would miss Dr. Tinguely and Jill.

I feel so guilty for leaving the cats. They have a terrific cat sitter, but still.

Mmmmmmm...donuts...Homer Simpson is on to something here.

Damn, no beer again. I can't wait to have some beer!

VCSU closed school; DCB did not. What a pain for my students. They'll survive. They'll miss DCB's classes today...oh well.

It was so great to see Hal. It has been too long. I wonder when I'll see Maurice and Erica or Phil or Phyllis? I hope soon.

Massages tomorrow!!!! Enough said!

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Anonymous said...

They do have airplanes between Minot and Minneapolis. I would find a way.