Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Madness!!

The NCAA tournament has begun. Sadly, ODU is already out. They played an excellent game against Butler losing in the last 0.1 second of the game. It was pretty exciting to watch the end of the game.

My emotions also fall under March Madness. I can't ever tell if I'm going to be cheery or weepy from one moment to the next. It has been a challenge to keep it together sometimes. I also have a difficult time concentrating on tasks at hand. I start something and forget to get back to it and complete it. It has been tricky for me. I don't like to lose my concentration this way.

All my doctor's exams are good. The baby is growing right on schedule. My blood sugars are good. I've lost some weight, but the doctor is not too concerned. Things are going well.

We meet Jill, our doula, tomorrow to sign the contract and schedule what's next. There is so much going on in my life that is all about baby. I feel selfish if I want something for myself. I have to get past that and enjoy days that have nothing to do with the baby.

I've started Braxton Hicks...they don't hurt, but can be uncomfortable. I'm not ready for real doctor wants at least four more weeks, six or more would be preferable. I won't be allowed to go past my due date, so there are just nine weeks left. UGH! I'm not ready, but I don't know if I'll ever be ready.

I'm happy. My family is healthy and happy. I love spending time with Roger and the cats. Tessa and Cookie are in for a big change, just like the rest of us. Life is just good. And spring is finally arriving!

While I'm experiencing March Madness, basketball, emotional swings and melting snow (and possible flooding), I'm experiencing so much joy. What more could I possible want?

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