Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a Winter!!

After being gone from North Dakota for over 10 years, the winter has welcomed me back...and it hasn't been fun!

We have several feet of snow and with windchill have had some -50 degree days...UGH! The walks to work in the morning have become brutal...yesterday, frostbit cheeks and today, icy cold thighs! Brrrrr.

We live in an old, and I mean OLD, apartment building and even with plastic on the windows, it stays pretty cool. The floor is ice cold in the morning. I like the character of old places and I love all the wood, but maybe a contemporary build would be better. It is hard to say. I hate carpet and like wood floors, but being over an empty basement means the cold air just keeps coming up. Also, we still find boxelder bugs! It is February and the cat is chasing them around! I thought the bitter cold would kill them off, but I guess not. I hate bugs in the house!

Thanks for the cold welcome back, North Dakota...we've received the message. Can you bring spring to us soon, please?

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