Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday, I was sick. I was achy and had a headache. I felt weak and just wanted to sleep. If I weren't pregnant, I probably would have filled up on caffeine and went to school and made it through the day, but my life revolves around this little baby inside me, so I stayed home. I did not sleep. I rested. I am able to do some work from home, which is good, but mainly I lay around and did nothing.

It is strange how being pregnant changes my perspective on everything. I have to schedule things around blood glucose tests and have to make sure I get plenty, and by plenty I mean a ton, of sleep.

I will never understand how some women can do so much while they are pregnant. Some women work way more hours than I do and have other kids to worry about, yet they seem to make out okay. I find that my life is busy enough for me right now. I will have to adjust once the baby is born. Luckily, I have a great job, with flexibility. I will be on half time over the summer and have been given permission to primarily work from home. Wow! If only all women had that option. I plan to take two weeks totally off from work and then work from home. I am sure people will get emails in the middle of the night, but that is the joy of email versus phone calls. I love our phone software that gives me a total phone package off my is so great!

I am feeling better today. I don't have to teach, just work in the office. I understand that I am lucky in how good I have it. I wish all moms to be had it so good.

Healthy days are coming...

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