Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a Surprise!

My sister-in-law, Trish, turned 50 on Friday. Her kids and her boyfriend planned a surprise party. Trish's son Gary attends the University of Minnesota-Duluth and needed a ride to the party. We headed to Duluth on Thursday for the night. Gary introduced us to Burrito Union and we can't wait to go back. We also hit At Sara's Table for breakfast, thanks to "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives." I ate nearly a whole plate of the best french toast ever! (a whole plate is a lot for me right, not, as I eat very little at a time, but several times a day)

We headed to Bloomington with Gary. It was a fun trip to spend some time with Gary. Roger and I are looking forward to vising Duluth, again.

We picked up Roger 1 and headed over to Poor Richard's to wait for Trish. There were at least 60 people there, and a bunch of kids. Trish arrived and was genuinely surprised! It was the best. She was most surprised and happy for Gary and Sarah' being there. She was happy that Al (Roger) and I made it, too. The party was a great success! I enjoyed visiting with niece's and nephews and babies and more babies! Trish made the rounds to tables of her co-workers, high school friends, book club members, Mike's family and of course the Skophammer crowd (everyone was there except Bill, who had to work!).

Maggie, Kayde, Mike and Gwen did an great job! I know whom to go to if I need a surprise party planned!

We had a nice morning yesterday with coffee with Gwen and Trish. We heard about Patsy's trip to Ecuador. Betsy and the guys moved all the appliances to the new townhouse. I love being a part of the Skophammer family!

Roger and I headed home after the moving was done. We stopped at the Clearwater travel plaza for lunch and I enjoyed their delicious bakery! We'll definitely stop there again!

Today is catch-up from last week and preparation for next week! I love Sundays.

I hope Trish had a happy birthday! She was surrounded by much love!

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