Saturday, December 18, 2010

Strange Days, Great Days

My semester is over. I am happy to say this. I love teaching, but I need a break now and then (and the semester system works perfectly for that). I am finding it strange that students are contacting me through Facebook. I'll have to put a stop to that next semester. I like to have a record of any correspondence, and email works best.

I've been feeling the baby move so much. I'm sick of hearing the term "Advanced Maternal Age"! I know I'm a little older than most moms to be, but my age really advanced? Evidently so, because every test that should have a positive or negative result ends up with an anomaly. So, we need more tests. So far, so good, but...

We had a great day in Bismarck. It has been such a treat to be able to call my parents up and meet them with little notice. We had a delicious lunch at The Walrus. Lunch was good. We went our separate ways for some final Christmas shopping.

Roger and are now in for the night. We are enjoying our Apple TV and catching up on the earlier episodes of Glee from this season. We'll catch up before the next new episodes start! Yeah! Loving all our Apple technology!!

We are ready for next week! I still LOVE the holidays--Christmas is my favorite!

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