Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Stuff

I have been starting to feel the baby move, which is exciting and a little strange. It feels like I have butterflies in my stomach often. I like it, but it is weird.

I love the medical staff that has been seeing me. We've had many tests since I am an "Advanced Maternal Age" pregnant woman. It is frustrating to see conflicting results time after time. We finally went ahead with the amniocentesis and got good chromosomal problems. Talk about a big sigh of relief. I have an ultrasound in January that will say a lot more. I love seeing the baby. I've had three ultrasounds and each time I am amazed and delighted. It is so exciting!

I am frustrated by how many people interchange gender and sex. First of all, we are NOT finding out the sex of the baby. We are planning to have a gender neutral nursery and want gender neutral clothing for at least the first year of the babies life. I have studied issues in sex identification, which is gender, and feel strongly at not assigning a gender to our baby. We want him or her to feel safe and comfortable, now matter how he or she identifies. When asked if we are going to find out the gender, I want to answer that we wouldn't know that for years anyway. I am amazed at how many medical personnel interchange the terms that are so different. I thank my Women's Studies friends for helping me see the difference between gender and sex. I just wish these terms were better known universally...someday.

We've received a few gifts for the baby. That has been exciting. I love the sock monkey from Auntie Karen. I've been working on the baby registry at Babies R Us, both online and in the store with Elise (which was a great time!). I feel prepared to start getting ready for the baby's arrival. We have lots of time, but I am finding out that the time is going quickly. I'll be halfway there in a couple weeks!

Thanks to all who support Roger and I in this baby making endeavor. We are excited by the positive and supportive outpouring from friends and family all over the country. We couldn't ask for anything more.

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