Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In That Old Holiday Spirit

This past week has put me into a holiday frame of mind. It started with a long and snowy drive to the Twin Cities for Mike's birthday celebration. Dinner was canceled due to weather, but we had ice cream cake and a nice evening. It is always fun spending time with the grandkids.

Saturday, Elise, the kids and I all went shopping. We looked at cribs and furniture at Ikea. We worked on my registry at Babies R Us. I have found it difficult to find things to register for that are gender neutral. We aren't going to find out the sex of the baby, and even if we did know, we want our things to be gender neutral. This is a discussion for another will come. I did get some help with some items that I had no idea about (breast feeding stuff and toys for newborns). It was an interesting outing--shopping for my baby things with my grandkids...a bit surreal, but fun, nonetheless. We ended our day with a trip to Chipotle--always good!

Roger and I met up with his siblings and his dad at the St. Paul Hotel for dinner on Saturday night. It is off Rice Park, which is lit up for the holidays. What a gorgeous square! Dinner was decadent and lovely. We had a wonderful time. It really got me in the holiday mood. I even had a delicious, non-alcoholic cocktail!

We stayed with Gwen and Jerry, always a treat. They gave us their old Christmas tree. When we arrived home on Sunday, we put up the tree, only to find that the attached lights were not working. After two days of removing the dead lights, we were finally able to decorate it last night. I like the colored lights better than white ones and it looks beautiful.

We have an addition to our family. Another cat named Cookie joined us last week. She and Tessa are starting to get to know each other, but are still a bit cautious. It is fun having two cats. They love the tree and all the gifts under it.

So the weeks ahead are filled with baking, shipping, shopping and more wrapping--love it!

As for the baby, the doctor said all is well. I have an ultrasound next week. We won't find out the sex, but will see the growth progress. It is so exciting that this is all happening inside me!

Happy Holiday Season, you all! Enjoy!!

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