Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grandma Time!

Our morning has been turned upside-down by a delightful and energetic 9-year old granddaughter! We are so happy to have Cassie stay with us for a few days.

My parents arrived with Cassie yesterday. We had a nice lunch and opened more presents, more goodies for all of us! Roger and I are looking forward to fresh gluten-free bread in our new bread maker! Cassie and Roger played Jenga yesterday (Cassie won!).

Our plans with Cassie include sledding in Fargo today with some friends, puzzling, movie-watching and playing games. Hopefully, we'll find some time to sleep somewhere in those plans.

There is a winter weather advisory, so we will have to watch the weather to see when we can travel back to Bloomington to drop Cassie off at home. We may have a window on Friday morning, or Sunday morning. We will do what is needed to safely deliver Cassie home.

Cassie is enjoying talking to her aunt or uncle. It is fun to share my pregnancy with her, and others. It is starting to feel so real! The ligaments are stretching and getting hard and the baby is moving like crazy! I'm so excited and nervous about becoming a parent. Only 21 weeks to go!

For now, I will enjoy Grandma time. I will always enjoy Grandma time, even after the baby is born. I love being a is my most special role in life!

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