Sunday, December 26, 2010


I have been enjoying Christmas...all of them!

Roger and I had Christmas Tuesday night. I gave Roger a Takamine acoustic guitar. He loves it! He gave me a black pearl necklace on a silver's beautiful. I love it. It was nice to be able to afford to give each other presents this year.

We baked cookies at Elise's with Cassie and Jasmyn. We had a good time. And, I am now the proud owner of a Gene Simmons' tree ornament. It has been a KISS filled year for me! We have a fun picture of the grandkids and Santa. It is always nice to keep those from year to year.

We headed to Nikki's on Christmas Eve for ham and brie. It was delicious. Everyone but me enjoyed bloody marys and spiked coffee. We had presents. It was a lot of fun. I love the reindeer mugs and coffee. And of course, Roger and I love our blankets (Pink Floyd for R and KISS for me!). We also enjoyed visiting with Guiness, Nikki and Jon's very large dog!

We headed to Skopies for the Skophammer Chaotic Christmas Eve! Again, everyone but me enjoyed cocktails! We had lots of good food, kids and presents. As always, we have a great time. With all the injuries from boot hockey on Pete's rink, everyone was moving pretty slowly yesterday morning. Roger sprained his wrist. He's still feeling the pain. I received my bet winnings from Bill, and I love it. He gave me a Jets hoodie, with an older logo. I can't wait to wear it. (now if only they beat the Bears, today!)

We drove to Rothsay, Minnesota for Christmas Day dinner with my aunts, uncles, cousins and parents. We had a fun time and good food, more ham and a turkey! Delicious! My parents continued on to St. Paul and Roger and I came home. We enjoyed watching Star War and heading to bed early. We even slept in a bit!

We are looking forward to Mom and Dad's return on Tuesday for our last Christmas. They are bringing Cassie to stay with us until New Year's Eve. We should all have a lot of fun!

The celebrations and presents and food have all be fun and good. I've been thinking about next Christmas and the baby we will have. Our lives, and our holidays, will change forever...and I cannot wait!

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