Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some Random Reasons Why I LOVE this Man!

He always smiles.
When I am stressed, he gives me everything I need through support and or household duties to make my life easier.
He tells me so many times everyday how much he loves me.
He cleans the bathroom.
He makes the most delicious garlic shrimp.
He compensates for my mood shifts and loves me even when I am cranky.
He rubs my feet when I can't sleep.
He takes care of his daughter and grandkids from miles way, the best way he can.
He adores his siblings and the rest of his family.
He loves my family.
He loves baseball and opera and vampire shows...he is very diverse.
He has guided me through the thesis process helping me manage my stress throughout.
He celebrates all my accomplishments.
He is proud of me.
He is proud of his own accomplishments, but is not arrogant.
He puts the needs of others above himself, often to a fault.
He loves me for who I am, just the way I am.
His support has made it possible for me to finish my Master's Degree in 2 years, with only an additional summer to finish the thesis.

He is truly a wonderful man, whom I love and adore very much!

1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

A lovely tribute to Roger!
I hear you are heading this direction in the fall?
I am not on Facebook any more since I didn't use it much.
Saw Grandma on Monday.
She was fairly OK
love to you both