Saturday, June 20, 2009

One Good Day in Virginia

Today is one of those days that I am truly grateful to live here in Virginia. We slept in a bit this morning...not late. Then picked up some lunch and some drinks and headed to the beach. We went to our favorite spot, 45th Street and Oceanfront (Atlantic Avenue) in Virginia Beach. The tide was just starting to come in. The waves were terrific. The sun and sand were hot, but the water felt icy cold and refreshing. It was perfect. I started reading some fantasy fiction that Roger recommended...and am enjoying it quite a bit. We drove the long way home, Shore Drive to Ocean View and up Granby. We stopped for a frozen beverage at Starbuck's.

We got home and showered. We've been spending time in our office, each on our own computer, just fooling around. We'll be getting ready for some free music on the lawn in the village by ODU. We'll probably have a beer or a glass of wine as we listen...maybe a cheese plate from the coffee house. Then for the rest of the evening, who knows? Ghent is having a celebration with sidewalk sales, which are usually accompanied by music. It might be a nice night to walk around our neighborhood and see what is going on. Or maybe we'll just watch a movie and go to bed early. It is a perfect Saturday for Roger and I, well nearly perfect...if only the Tides were in town. Oh wait, they are...hmmm? Love living here!

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